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Bangladesh's thriving denim industry possesses unparalleled quality, versatility, and capacity. To promote these aspects of the industry and brand Bangladesh, The Bangladesh Denim Expo came into being in 2014. Today, this premier international platform is influencing sustainability, innovation, and creativity in the denim community worldwide.

BDE at a Glance


The Bangladesh Denim Expo is unceasingly growing and uniting the voices of the global denim community. Throughout the 9 years and 16 Expos, the platform has garnered 76,500+ attendees from all over the world.


The Bangladesh Denim Expo is a hub of denim celebration for buyers, exhibitors, and denim enthusiasts from over 65+ countries. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for the denim industry.


Denim Expo has held 85+ panel sessions led by leaders, experts, innovators, and policymakers in the industry to share their perspectives and insights and provide attendees with in-depth knowledge about the latest developments.


With 380+ local and international exhibitors hosted on this platform until now, the Expo continues to thrive with the most exceptional and sustainable solutions offered by renowned global brands.

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